I have many interests, which I pursue (or have pursued) with relentless persistence.  Once a particular interest latches onto me I am obsessed with it until mastery is achieved; or my near mastery is overwhelmed by sudden disinterest.  In either case the fixation subsides, the mania is abandoned, and I pursue the next.

However, amidst the many fleeting passions, certain interests have retained their lure; demanding as much attention now as did their initial obsessions.  Regardless of the intensity of my pursuit their mastery remains elusive, with something new and challenging forever emerging; thus, the inevitable languor never manifests.  Theology, music, and my marriage are as intriguing today as they were nearly four decades ago when I met each of them in my teens.  My Christian theology, like a compass, continues to influence my life’s decisions.  My musical ability and creativity (negating the vocals), continue to grow.  And my enchanted marriage is nothing short of a blessing from God.

In hindsight, my eclectic education and professional background seem rather surreal.  I have been a credentialed respiratory therapist since 1975, ordained to the ministry since 1982, the senior pastor of two churches with a MDiv from Western Seminary in Portland Oregon, where I all but completed the DMin degree before transferring credits to a PhD program with Hawthorne University.  I have been a successful entrepreneur with a MBA and (merely for my family’s personal health) completed a doctorate of naturopathy.

I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom with an innate ability to comprehend, synthesize and teach difficult concepts.  The breadth of my teaching experience includes various settings within the church (the pulpit, as well as Greek and theology classes), diverse classroom and clinical settings in the healthcare community (physicians, nurses, therapists and students), guitar and music theory, as well as chess and pocket billiards in both the individual and group settings.  Writing has been a longtime pursuit, which I have employed in various genres and formats to compose numerous articles, books and songs.  Along the way, I received a couple of insignificant literary awards in healthcare trade publications.

I am a perpetual student and instructor; and there are few things more gratifying than to witness the spark in the eye or to hear the excitement in the voice of one who suddenly understands.  I hold it as a personal challenge to see that each learner has this experience; and more important, to see that each is equipped to reason and assimilate information for him or herself.



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